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by Tom Egelhoff

Thank you for visiting the download FAQ answer page. Here are the most common questions I receive. If I missed your specific question please email me at:

Here we go:

What are the advantages of downloading the books instead of buying softcover copies?

How does the download work? What do I have to do?

How do I know the download will work with my computer system?

What happens if I put in the wrong information? Am I charged to try it again?

I have no idea who you are. Why should I trust you with my credit card number?

If your book's so great how come I can't find it on

Is it safe to download things off the Internet?

So, How Do I Order Your Books? Click Here.

What Are The Advantages Of Downloading
The Books Instead Of Buying Softcover Copies?

Here are the most common reasons people give me for downloading the book.

  • 1. You get the books immediately. You need the information now! Why wait for a book to be shipped?

  • 2. Save shipping costs (This is a lot of money if you are outside the U.S. A lot of orders are emailed to Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe)

  • 3. The books themselves are cheaper - You save $5.00 over the soft cover price plus shipping. ($4.50 to $25.00 depending on where in the world you are. Order both and save even more.

  • 4. You can copy the parts you need into your own word processing program and create your own marketing plan by typing it within the book itself.

  • 5. Use the Acrobat "find" feature to search for any word or phrase in the books. This way you can find the answers you need faster than flipping pages.

  • 6. You can print out all or part of the books, whichever you need. Or even compile specific paragraphs for employee training or other uses.

How Does The Download Work? What Do I Have To Do?

Right now the only way to download the book is with a credit card. We are examining other ways to purchase and will inform you here when they are available. You can get a softcover book on CD by mail with check or money order by clicking HERE.

To download the book, do the following:

  • Simply click here to go to our order page.

  • Enter your name, address, zip, phone, email address
    (for a receipt) credit card number and expiration date.

  • Select the version(s) of the books that you want to order.

  • When you submit the order form your card is verified by my credit card processor. For your protection they make sure that the name, address and card number all match in case your card might have been stolen. They verify your card and approve the order. Your credit card number does not go to me or my site. Your information never leaves a secure environment during processing. (This process takes about 3-5 seconds depending on your system)

  • If you order soft cover books they will go out priority mail the following business day. If you order the electronic version they will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes.

  • Finally, you and I each receive an email letting us know an order has been processed and delivered.

  • Now that you see how easy it is why not order now on my secure page?

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How Do I Know The Download Will
Work With My Computer System?

If you can receive email you will receive your books. They are emailed as an attachment in Acrobat PDF (Portable Document File) format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open the pdf format. Most Windows versions ship with this program already installed. If not you can download it free at:

Downloading the book is easy. Just click here.

What Happens If I Put In The Wrong Information?
Am I Charged To Try It Again?

If your information you provide does not match the billing information of your credit card the sale will be rejected. So you can re-submit the correct information without being charged twice. If you receive two email receipt notices then you have been charged twice. I will also be notified anytime there are two sales on one card so I can void one of them so you will not be charged twice.

Your complete satisfaction is very important to me. I never want to have an unsatisfied customer and will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

You can download the book right now by clicking here.

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I Have No Idea Who You Are.
Why Should I Trust You With My Credit Card Number?

If you go to the bottom of my secure order page located here, you will see that we do not capture your credit card number at our business. When you submit the order for a book, your credit card number goes directly to the credit card company in encrypted form. The only information we get back by email is name, address and phone and if you downloaded the book or if we need to mail you a softcover copy. They do not send us your credit card number.

I don't have to tell you that the Internet is filled with fraudulent claims and bogus products. It's not easy for anyone to conduct business in that kind of environment. I take great pride in my honesty and integrity, but those are just words. I offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee, but those are just more words. How do you know if I really do that?

If you look around my site you will find my physical street address and home phone number at the bottom of every page. My state and city business license information can be found here. My internet registration information can be found here, just type in the search box.

If you don't mind making a few phone calls, here are some places you can contact and ask about me and/or my book.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 406-587-4491

Bozeman Chamber of Commerce - David Smith-Director - 406-586-5421 I am a past Chamber Board Member and Past Chairman of the Business Support Committee of our local chamber.

United Way of Gallatin County - Carol Townsend-Director - 406-587-2194 I am a former member of the Board of Directors

City Hall of Bozeman - Business Licenses Division - 406-582-2300
My state and local business license numbers are here.

If you are still uncomfortable about using your credit card over the Internet, see the next question or use a money order on our Mail Order Page.

Downloading the book is as safe as clicking here.

If Your Book's So Great How Come I Can't Find It On

Actually, IT IS ON But you are going to pay more at those places. Prices range from $19.95 to $24.95 depending on the company. Or, you can download it right here, right now on our encrypted secure page for only $14.95 and no shipping by clicking here.

If you would like to see the Amazon listing of the book, including reviews of people who have purchased the book, or order it there, you'll find it by clicking here!

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Is It Safe To Download Things Off The Internet?

The following quote is from an article about Internet Credit Card Fraud at Scambusters. A site devoted to Internet commerce safety. You can read the entire article at

"Over the past four years, there has been an enormous amount of publicity about the dangers of credit card fraud on the Net. When you add movies like "The Net" to the news articles about Internet fraud, it's hardly surprising that consumers are nervous about giving out their credit card numbers over the Net.

Yet, as many savvy Internet shoppers now know, the reality is that it's actually much safer to enter your credit card number on a secure on-line order form than it is to give your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant.

After all, what's to stop the waiter from writing down your credit card number and placing orders on the phone with it later? And research shows that the rate of fraudulent purchases made by cell phones is much higher than credit card fraud on the Net."

If you go to the bottom of my secure on-line order page located here, you will see that we do not capture your credit card number at our business. When you submit the order for a book, your credit card number goes directly to the credit card company in encrypted form. The only information we get back by email is name, address and phone and if you downloaded the book or if we need to mail you a softcover copy. They do not send us your credit card number.

Beware Of Viruses, Protect Yourself

It's not safe, however, to do anything on the Internet without virus protection. If you don't find a bug, sooner or later, one will find you. You should not even be on the Internet period...without some form of virus protection. A virus protection program is absolutely essential anytime you are planning to log onto the internet to do anything.

In the case of my book, it is housed on a secure server, so it is not accessible to normal Internet traffic and is virtually virus proof.

In addition, I and my ISP (Internet Service Provider) do virus checks regularly to make sure that our systems are as clean as we can possibly make them. Every computer or server used in the connection to our site, our downloads or any other Internet communication is equipped with the latest versions of the most efficient virus checkers we can find.

Do a search for "virus protection programs" and get one as soon as possible or go to: (They have no affiliation with my site.)

Downloading the book is as safe as clicking here.

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