The Best Small Town Business Links

by Tom Egelhoff

Tom's Promise of Quality Links

In order to qualify for a link on this page you have to do certain things: The majority of information on your site or page has to be free. Your site needs to contain info helpful to small business. Your site CANNOT BE full of ads, get rich quick schemes, or affiliate programs. Your site must provide information that will benefit a wide variety of business types.

If you know of a site that should be listed here, please email the URL and we'll check it out and add it to our list.

If you find an outdated link, please let me know. I try to check them on a regular basis but it's not always possible. Thanks.

Small Town Links

E-Commerce Business Sites for Small Business

Home Based Business Resources

Sites To Protect You From Bad Guys

Learn Baby Learn - Sites That Teach Business Stuff - Most Free, Some Not

Sites For Women Small Business Owners

The Feds - Government Sites, Plus Sites of Information and Statistics

Small Town Stuff

Listing of all US Chambers of Commerce - Here you will find addresses, phone numbers and links to Chamber home pages across the nation.

Small Town Newspapers - Need the news from back home? Find your small town newspaper or if they aren't here get them on. Searchable archives.

Home Town Locator - Need demographics on your town. There are 42,500 cites here with everything you every wanted to know about them. Even has aerial photos from space.

Small Market Radio Newsletter is the only publication devoted exclusively to radio in small and medium communities. Each week SMRN features industry news, sales tips, promotion ideas and management information for the small market broadcaster.

The Community Stewardship Exchange includes information, contacts and examples to promote community-based strategies that preserve and protect the ecological integrity of protected lands and at the same time meet the economic aspirations of adjoining landowners and communities. The Exchange is designed to be a tool for the people doing this important work-- people like you! Visit these guys, a very interesting concept.

CEO Express - If you're a small business in a small town, you may not consider yourself a CEO, but there is still valuable information you need. This site has a lot of information sites. Newspapers across the country and around the world. You can also set up your own customized CEO page.

Small Town Bound - A great site if you are thinking of moving to a small town. John Clayton is the author of Small Town Bound a great guide to small town life.

Moving to a Small Town - A Guidebook for Moving from Urban to Rural America
By Wanda Urbanska and Frank Levering

Cost of Living Comparisons in US Cities - Relocation, cost of living, real estate, apartment availability in towns all over America. If you're relocating, get the info about your new town.

Rural and Small Town Programme - The Rural and Small Town Programme is interested in exploring how rural communities use tourism as a community development tool. We are interested in entering into research contracts with government and communities to help them address their rural tourism concerns.

Marketing The Uniqueness of Small Towns - In recent decades, rural-urban migration has begun to reverse itself. People are moving back to small communities in increasing numbers. Some communities have capitalized on this national trend, others have not. How's your town doing? This is a very detailed site with many great ideas.

National Associations of Counties - A site with all sorts of valuable info about member counties across the country.

Moving To A Small Town - Are you getting tired of the worsening commuter traffic, urban sprawl, and declining quality of life in the city? Smaller cities and towns may offer you the best alternatives for a more fulfilling life, including opportunities for employment and self employment, relocating your business, and early retirement. This site is for you if you are seeking information and guidance in finding a community for your lifestyle needs.

Search My State - Montana, The Last Best Place

Montana Boot Camp For Entrepreneurs - There are a great number of entrepreneurs trying to get their business funded, or trying to improve growth, market and product positioning. While there is a great deal of venture capital money, the gap between the entrepreneurs and the money is larger than the Grand Canyon. Entrepreneur America (EA) wishes to close that gap by mentoring entrepreneurs with pragmatic advice from seasoned, successful entrepreneurs. Webmaster: If you need money help check this one out.

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E-Commerce Sites

WS Radio - Check out the Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Shows that you can listen to online. Great guests (like me) and helpful information on lots of business topics.

Need Business Plan Help? Here is a great site to walk you through the steps. a break-even analysis calculator, how to do market research, and helpful articles to help you set up and organize your business plan.

Want to know who is driving traffic to your competition by linking to them? Check out - Let your customers know when you add new content to your company's web site. And it's free. - There aren't any sites that can be all things to all people but this one comes close. If you are looking for business resources... there are a ton of them here.

refdesk - If its not on this page then you don't need it.'s Guide - If you want to do e-commerce business on the web, this info site is a good place to start.

Webmonkey Marketing Section - This is a great source of e-marketing information.

Research Room on E-Commerce - The largest collection of articles, links and resources on e-commerce to be found at any single place on the planet. (According to them.)

E-Commerce Tutorials - Need to know how to do something in E-Commerce? Here's a good one.

E-Commerce Collections - More from the same site on a variety of e-commerce sites and articles.

First Data - "To accept credit cards your business will need a merchant account. Cardservice International is a leading provider of Internet based Merchant Accounts. This is the company I use on my home based business site and I'm a tough sell. I am very satisfied with their service and support." Check out their free guide below for more detailed information.

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Home Based Business Resources - Entrepreneur Magazine. Information on starting, growing and managing small or home-based businesses. Includes links to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, Business Start-Ups Online, Entrepreneurs Home Office Online. - Small and Home Based Business Links. Information on managing and marketing small and home based business. Links to more help.

Sites To Protect You From Bad Guys - Did you ever go to a site and wish you could find out who owns it? Is he really in Bozeman, MT? Name, address, phone etc. This is the place. Go here and type in the second box and click "search" and you'll find me. Works with,,, and - If you take credit cards at your site, here is a site to keep everyone honest.

PayPal - Uncomfortable about online credit card transactions? This is a national company that processes credit charges on the net safely and transfers the cash to the recipient by email. It really works great. You can also make secure payments from your bank account and set up an account so visitors can safely pay for your products on your web site.

ScamBusters - This is a site that keeps track of those that would try to separate us from our cash on the world wide web.

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Learn Baby Learn
Sites That Teach Business Stuff - Some Free, Some Not

Marketing Teacher - A British site with marketing articles, books, tips and lots of good information.

A Free Online Start Your Own Business Course - Here you will walk through a complete business startup from idea to opening the doors. A non profit group approved by The Small Business Administration. The also accept volunteers to help small business succeed.

My Favorite Free "How To Write A Business Plan" links

The Marketing Zone - is a sales and marketing site that helps small to medium sized companies integrate the magic of marketing with the science of sales. Free Resources and recommended reading suggestions. - One of the best sites I know of for business research. Not only can you find thousands of articles that have been written on almost any subject, but you can also take the link to the magazine itself to see if you might want to subscribe. Hundreds of magazines are featured. I recommend this site highly.

Online Classes and Degree Programs - Online classes and degrees from a variety of top universities that you can take in your own home at your own pace. A great way to learn and improve your business. - The Small Business Administration offers several business classes on a wide variety of subjects.

Business Owners Idea Cafe -The Small Business Channel serves up "A Fun Approach to Serious Business" with hearty advice on how to start, finance and run a small business. Cyberschmooz Forums give virtual peer feedback on business ideas and questions. Free advice from experts, plus stress-busting fun diversions. - Here is a site that offers several business courses that you can take on the internet but are tied to local colleges all over the United States. Just pick your state and school and sign up. They have a least one instructor that uses my break even analysis in their course. - This is one of my personal favorites. At Small Office Home Office you'll find all kinds of small business information in various categories. It also publishes weekly articles. - If you want to start a new business, or if you're looking for ways to jump-start your business, Gary Reed has put together this online catalog with books, audio tapes, and video guides which can help you get started in a business of your own. Most of these titles were created based on his own 30+ years of business experience. The rest have been personally "hand picked" by him and are authored by entrepreneurs "tops" in their field of expertise.

Here is a site by another friend of mine, Carwin Dover. You can read an article of his on this site called, The Great Balancing Act: Profession & Marriage If you are trying to juggle home and business, I highly recommend reading it and visiting his web site below.

Carwin Dover has an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and is now a Life Coach for Individuals and Couples. He is also a member of International Coach Federation --
Personal Coach Training from Pat Williams -- Therapist University
Life Coach Training from Dave Ellis, The Brande Foundation -- 800-335-9938
Carwin Dover Your Personal Life Coach
Intentional Partnerships, 1105 Woodland Drive, Bozeman, MT 59718

Montana Speakers Network, Inc. - A non-profit organization that promotes good speakers who present workshops and seminars on a variety of topics all over the US and Canada. - Download books on tape.

ANCHORED DREAMS® founded by Azriela Jaffe, business coach, speaker, columnist, and author of "Honey, I Want To Start My Own Business," A Planning Guide for Couples, and Let's Go Into Business Together, Eight Secrets for Successful Business Partnering, offers practical assistance and emotional support to individuals, couples, and partners in business.

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Sites For Women Business Owners

re:invention - A Toolbox for Women-Led Businesses - This link will take you to their blog.

The Institute for Women's Leadership provides leadership training, coaching and consulting to women and men seeking to effect breakthrough change within their organizations.

The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), the largest women's professional association and the largest women business owners' organization in the country, provides resources and services - through education, networking, and public advocacy - to empower its members to achieve career success and financial security.

WOW Network - Dedicated to women in business, Woman Owned provides business professionals networking opportunities and business information to assist in achieving success. The Women's Business Ownership page is geared to assist women who are already in business and those who are thinking of starting a business. The programs designed specifically for women include: Demonstration Training Program, Mentoring Program, Women's Pre-qualification Pilot Loan Program, and Interagency Committee on Women Business Enterprise. - Online Women's Business Center - Great info for women business owners or those just starting out.

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The Feds - Government Sites, Plus Sites Of Information And Statistics

Ref Desk - The most complete site of free information I know of. If you can't find it here you don't need it.

City-Data.Com - Find all the demographics you'll ever need for any city in the U.S. Great for finding information for your business plan. For example, how many furniture stores are in your city and how much business do they do.

Don't have the money to hire market research? Virtually all national, state and local census information you could ever possibly need is available FREE on the web at If you are looking for specific demographic information about your own city or county start with "State and County Quick Facts."

The Robinson-Patman Act - This act addresses price discrimination against small business. Its intent is to regulate any tendency to injure competition. Every small business should be familiar with this legislation. I encourage you to print a copy, READ IT and keep a copy on file at your business.

NoLo Press Self-Help Law Center - Online legal assistance for the little guy. - The Search Engine for Small Business Where the business answer is just two clicks away - A lot of helpful information about business start-up. Your tax dollars at work. - Want to know how to get a patent and trademark for your product? This is the place. - Up to the minute population estimates along with census data, current population profiles of the U.S. - Two business plan sites. - The Dunn and Bradstreet site. - Office of Copyright - Need to copyright something? - The U.S. Business Advisor provides one-stop access to more than 70 organizations and agencies that assist or regulate business. - Service Corps of Retired Executives online information. Many local chapters in small towns. Check with your local chamber of commerce. They also have online counseling available.

SBDC - Here is a listing by state for your nearest Small Business Development Center. These folks will help you with your business plan and financing. They are pre-paid with your tax dollars so there is no charge for their services. Please take advantage of their expertise.

Manasota SCORE Chapter 116 - Covering Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida, and serving the cities of Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Northport and Englewood. This is a great site for businesses in the Florida area.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the net - Want to find out what's going on with a specific bill in Congress, here's your site.

Melissa Data Corp - This site has plenty of market research information. Click on free look ups for some of the best free research on the net.

If you know of a site that should be listed here, please email the URL and we'll check it out and add it to our list.

If you find an outdated link, please let me know. I try to check them on a regular basis but it's not always possible. Thanks.

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