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Small Business Marketing, Advertising And Consulting

Do you need marketing, advertising or promotional consulting help or advice with your small business? I can't remember a time in my small business that I didn't need help from someone.

And after 30 years of working with small businesses it's time to pass on the advice and knowledge I've learned along my path to success.

But before you contact me and add me to your budget I think you should make sure that you've exhausted all the free advice that's available to you. Go To Business Information: Where and How to Find It.

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Speaking Engagements

Question One: Can Our Organization Afford Tom? The short answer is YES, you can.

Tom's speaking fees are based on the clients ability to pay. Some groiups pay thieir speakers big bucks. While other can't afford any speaking fee. Tom works with, and speaks before both groups every week. Tom's goal is to speak to any many small businesses as possible.

So before you assume Tom's out of your budget why not e-mail Tom. You'll be surprised how easy working with him can be.

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Workshops And Seminars

View Tom's current workshop topics or create one of your own. Click here for more information.

Self Help Books

Small Business Expert Tom Egelhoff has created a step-by-step small business marketing plan specifically designed for use by small business owners just like you. Tom will teach you how to market and advertise your business at the lowest possible cost.

Every page is filled with money saving ideas to bring more customers in your doors or start your phone ringing. This book is written specifically for the small business owner in a small town or small business markets.

So, if you're ready to purchase a book click here.

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