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by Tom Egelhoff

The following are free full length articles that deal with general forms of Small Business Marketing. This directory will expand as new articles are written.

How to Find Your Ideal Customer in Your Local Newspaper.

Planned Obsolescence: A Plan or a Plot?

How To Make A Super Brochure Or Mailing Piece

How To Market A Service Rather Than A Product

Product Price: How To Show The Customer What You're Worth

Target Marketing: Who They Are, How To Find Them

How To Do Market Research In A Small Town

How To Do A Market Analysis

How To Develop Your Position Strategy

How To Evaluate The Competition

How To Get Noticed By The Media

How To Make Your Business Unique (You Don't Have A Choice)

How To Do An In-House Marketing Assessment

How's Your Marketing Plan?

7 Low Cost Ways To Market Your Business

How To Design And Write A Basic Brochure

Direct Mail: Why It Works And How To Use It

Understanding Why Customers Buy

Who Is Your Real Competition (The Answer May Surprise You)

How To Develop Product Benefits That Sell

How To Market And Promote The Unusual

Direct Mail: Formulas For Success

How To Research Your Competition

How To Find The Real Target Market In A Small Town

How To Use Niche Marketing In A Small Town

How To Use Vertical Marketing Systems

How To Use The Eight Basic Marketing Functions

How To Make Successful Cold Calls

A Small Town, Self-Marketing Formula For Success

How To Get Employee Participation In Your Marketing Plan

How To Create A Small Town Marketing Strategy

How To Make Marketing Represent Your Business The Right Way

How To Sell A Service Instead Of A Product

How To Market Your Business When A Business Card Is All You Have

How To Market And Advertise Your Medical, Dental or Legal Practice

The Best Small Town Business Promotions

How To Be Perceived As An Expert In Your Chosen Field

How Marketing Creates Value


The following are free tips of the week about marketing and are short thoughts to encourage you to consider obtaining more information about the subject discussed.

How To Use Your Brochure To Open Doors For More Business

Define Your Image To Your Customers

Gift Certificates Create Double Sales

Keeping Your Name In Front Of Customers

Insure Your Idea

How To Find Your Competitors Customers

How To Market Your Business With Your Brochure

How To Know If You Can Sell Your Product By Direct Mail

Don't Run Out Of Image

Make Sure Your Ad Is Easy To Read

How To Use A Media Calendar

Use A Proven Marketing Tool In Another Way

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