Get Closer To Your Small Business Customers, — Listen and Earn!

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff I usually save visitor tips for the tip of the month section but this tip is so important I wanted to get it out and working for all of you as soon as possible.

These are the kinds of things that successful businesses do.

This tip comes from:

Chris Cox
Creative Colors Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning
1980 Briarwood St., Dunedin, Fla. 34698

I own & operate a carpet dyeing & cleaning business. I find that I am able to"get closer" to my customers because of having a small business.

I have found that in speaking to customers on the phone I write down some small or insignificant thing that may be going on in their life.

I had a customer call back 4 months after giving an estimate for new carpet.

She was not sure if I was just being polite when I said I remembered her.

After asking how her son's baseball team fared in the playoffs 4 months earlier... I got the job.

The quick note I had jotted down on her file was just the trick.

Great JOB Chris

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