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An Interview with Steve Conover on The National Debt and Immigration and Small Business

June 22, 2013 - Open for Business host Tom Egelhoff interviewed national columnist Steve Conover who retired recently from a 35-year career in corporate America. He has a BS in engineering, an MBA
in finance, and a PhD in political economy. His website is

The first segment of the show dealt with the National Debt and Steve's article on the topic ,"Putting the Debt In Context." Is the debt we have now sustainable or are we on a downward death spiral?

In segment two, Steve and Tom discussed the business effects of passage of the immigration bill currently making it's way through congress. See Steve's article on this topic: "Immigration policy: Solving half the problem is no solution."

You can view all Steve Conover's articles by clicking HERE.

An interview with Norman Rogers: Climate Change Fact or Fiction (May 11, 2013)

On this weeks "Open for Business" Radio Show, Tom Egelhoff Inteviews Norman Rogers, educated as a physicist, is a retired computer entrepreneur, a volunteer Senior Policy Advisor at the Heartland Institute, a member of the American Geophysical Union and of the American Meteorological Society.  His web site is Climate

The two discuss global warming, climate change, alternative energies, Keystone XL Pipeline and more. A very informative interview.

An Interview with Author Jeff Korhan "Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business"

My guest in this podcast is author Jeff Korhan, a small business marketing expert helping businesses use social media and Internet marketing to create exceptional customer experiences that accelerate business growth. 

He was a Fortune 50 Sales and Marketing Executive who later founded a landscape services company that was twice named Small Business of the Year. Jeff is a syndicated publisher and regular content contributor to leading business publications, whose own New Media and Small Business Marketing site is ranked among the Top 100 Small Business blogs in the world by Technorati Media.

An Interview with Best Selling Author Mike Michalowicz (April 13, 2013)

Tom and Mike talk about Mike's new book, "The Pumpkin Plan." In this revealing interview Mike talks about the amazing things about pumpkin farming that translate to business. Mike is a wealth of small business information so get ready for a very interesting and insightful interview.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Oil With Tom and his special guest, Bob Van der Valk.(March 16, 2013)

On March 16, 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Van der Valk. Below are the links where you can listen to the entire interview. Bob van der Valk is an Independent Consultant in the petroleum industry. He has over 50 years of experience in the wholesale and retail gasoline and lubricants industry.

Has expertise in gasoline price forecasting, DTW / zone pricing issues, commercial fueling network, wholesale, retail branded and unbranded matters, refined products margin questions and retail fuels supply issues. Bob is a product marketer and a thoroughly knowledgeable businessman in the refining and downstream marketing sector of the petroleum industry, with particular expertise on the U.S. western region.

He is a Contributor to the “Bakken Oil Business Journal” and has been often quoted by news publications and his opinion solicited by government entities, besides his ongoing daily business of running large-scale supply and marketing operations. As you can imagine oil is a complex issue with passions running high on all sides. I hope to have Bob as a regular monthly guest on my Saturday, Open for Business show. Hope you enjoy this very informative interview on the oil business.

Part One:

Oil and the price at the pump, how do oil prices and pump prices relate? Learn about Location and Zone pricing. Learn who really sets the price of gas. Does the addition of Ethanol affect the price at the pump? What are oil and tar sands? How does Warren Buffett profit if the XL Keystone pipeline is not built? Where does natural gas fit in? What about China and natural gas?

Part Two:

Breakdown of gas pricing covered. How much does the gasoline in a 42-gallon barrel of oil cost to produce? The XL Pipeline, how much can it carry? How much imported oil would the pipeline replace. Is energy independence possible? New refinery in North Dakota? How pure is the oil in North Dakota? Nebraska Aquifer? Pipeline across private property?

Part Three:

How many barrels a day does a successful well have to produce? EPA and clean air? How much of our oil is exported and how much stays here? How concerned should we be about our oil exports? Does the exportation of oil require any kind of permit? Where does China get the bulk of their oil now?

Part Four:

Green energy vs. fossil fuels. Causes of 1973 gas lines when tankers were parked in our docks. Will those days come back? Are fossil fuels finite or are they a resource that is renewed naturally in nature? The Beverly Hills Oil Fields? Environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline? Taxes created by the pipeline?

You can follow Bob on Facebook or join his Blog Page.  

An Interview with Mike McCormick on Dividends, Municiple Bonds, Mutual Funds, Buying and Selling Your Business, This Year's Financial Predictions. Feb 13, 2013

In Segment 1 of the program Mike McCormick of Cascade Financial joins Tom for a discussion about Dividends and Municipal Bonds.

In Segment 2 Tom and Mike explore the in's and out's of Mutual Funds. What they are, how to buy them, and the best places to put your money.

In Segment 3 Tom and Mike talk about the future. When will the market pull back? Are we on a bubble and if so when will it pop? A fun filled half hour.

In segment 4 Tom and Mike talk about buying and selling your business. What red flags might be out there waiting for you.

In the final Segment Tom and Mike do a quick 15 minute recap of the above topices with some extra thoughts.

An Interview with Dave Levinthal of Politico on Campaign Finances and the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision

Dave Levinthal

I recently sat down with Dave Levinthal, investigative reporter for Politico, to talk about his article on the Supreme Court decision earlier this year regarding campaign financing. While President Obama was quick to chastise the Supreme Court of their ruling in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission he is benefiting from the decision. Click here to hear the presidents remarks from his 2011 State of the Union Address.

Listen to the full audio interview with Dave Levinthal of Politico by clicking here.

An Interview On Risk Management And
Small Business Health With Author Gary Patterson

Are you one of those people who have been propping up your boss for years? Is he or she in way over their head? Does the boss provide you accurate information so you can do your job? Gary Patterson shares some of the signs of bad boss behavior and explores the risks it can lead to for a company.

Author, Gary Patterson, "Stick Out Your Balance Sheet and Cough: Best Practices for Long-Term Business Health," sat down for a recent interview with Tom about the good, bad and ugly of risk management.

To hear the interview with author Gary Patterson and Tom Egelhoff click here.

Visit Gary's Patterson's web site.

Mark Calabria of the Cato Institute
"How The Mortgage Market Should Be Fixed

Mark Calabria of the Cato Institute, was my guest on "Open for Business" recently and our conversation was on the housing markets and mortgages.

We discussed Fannie and Freddie, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, The Fed, interest rates and the future of the housing market.

See Mark's article in the August 12th issue of Investor's Business Daily, "How Mortgage Market Should Be Fixed."

Also joining me was Dennis Carlson, Gallatin Assoc. of Realtors, Paul Dellinger, Prudential, and Rene Gaugler of Met Life Home Loans.

To hear this one hour interview with Tom and Mark Calabria of the Cato Institute click here.

Labor Unions In Government:
An Interview With James Sherk, Heritage Foundation

For the first time in history, "The Majority of Union Workers Now Work For The Government."

How will that effect your small business? What will that do to future taxes and availability of government services?

James Sherk, Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics for The Heritage Foundation," explains to Tom what he found when he took a close look at union membership and it's effect on all of us now and in the future.

To listen to Tom's interview with James Sherk, of the Heritage Foundation, on union membership in government, click here.

All Jobs Created by Startups?
An Interview with Dr. Tim Kane, Ph.D, The Kauffman Foundation

Who is really responsible for job creation in the United States? According to his recently published white paper, The Importance of Startups In Job Creation and Job Destruction, Tim Kane, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation, says his research finds that startup businesses are responsible for all new jobs that are created each year.

Tim made his case with Tom in a one hour interview on "Open for Business" by reveling the findings of his 30 year study of how jobs are started.

To hear this informative interview with Tim Kane, Ph.D. of the Kauffman Foundation on job creation and retention click here.

For more papers written by Dr. Tim Kane go here.

Money In Politics:
An Interview on Who Gets Money From Where

To get a better handle on money and politics, Tom interviewed Dave Levinthal, Communications Director of The Center for Responsive Politcs.

The two discussed Charles Rangel, various high profile political races going on around the country and what corporations are financing them.

Where top members of congress are getting their money.

The Supreme Court Decision regarding campaign finance and much more.

To hear the full one hour interview with Tom and Dave Levinthal click here.

Global Warming/Cap & Trade:
An Interview with James Taylor, The Heartland Institute

Global warming and "Cap and Trade" legislation are always guaranteed to get the phones ringing on the "Open for Business" show and this past week was no exception James Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News sat down with Tom for an in depth interview.

James spoke with Tom about global warming, climate change, alternative forms of energy, possibility of cap and trade legislation, state legislature testimony and the future of the environment and climate.

Hear the full one hour interview by Tom with James Taylor on "Cap & Trade" and global warming issues click here.

Health Care Bill: The Good, Bad & Ugly.
An Interview with Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute

On a recent show I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies, at the Cato Institute about the recently passed health care bill and what that will mean to small business owners.

I would also suggest you download the white paper produced by Michael Tanner, called "Bad Medicine." This is a very well written comprehensive report on the various aspects of the Health Care Bill. I would also look for "Healthy Competition: What's Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It (Paperback)." co-authored by Cannon and Tanner.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee you need the information contained in this interview as well as the book and white paper. What are the tax ramifications of this bill? What are the fines if you don't want coverage? Can you handle a $40,000 fine for non compliance?

There are many "unintended consequences" within this bill that Michael Cannon explains in detail. Please listen to this interview and get the free white paper "Bad Medicine."

Hear the full interview by Tom with Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute, on the dangers of the health care bill click here.

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