How to Start and Manage Your Own Marketing And Advertising Firm

by Tom Egelhoff

This is an email question I received from B.G. in Florida.

Hi Tom,

I need information on starting and managing my own marketing and advertising firm.

Tom's Answer

You didn't give me much to work on but here are some suggestions that helped me get started. I'm hoping you have worked for a marketing or advertising agency for a time so you kind of know the basics of how each agency works. If not here are some places to start.

First, before going out after customers you need to get your own ducks in a row. I'd start with these two web sites:

Entrepreneur Magazine Business Information The Entrepreneur Help Page

Marketing and advertising agencies are basicly consulting firms - Consulting about advertising and marketing to clients so you should know something about how a consulting business works too.

How To Start A Consulting Service


I would get the following books on the operation of advertising agencies:

How To Start An Ad Agency The Advertising Agency Business The Consutant's Guide To Proposal Writing


If you are putting up a web site and want it too look professional without tons of expense and excellent support Take a look at I3 Themes

You can see the new site I made with their template by clicking here. 


Look for the "Small Business Source Book" you probably can't check it out but it will give you the basics of what you will need to start a marketing or advertising agency. Look for "Small Business Profiles" these will be business plans for various types of business and I belive there are advertising agencies samples in there. If not ask your librarian for assistance... that's why they're there.

Free Help With Business Planning

SBDC - The Small Business Development Centers - Make an appointment with the one nearest you... they will have stats on risk, rate of failure, and financials for marketing and advertising agencies, what areas of advertising works best etc.

Hope some of this will help you get started, Best of Luck Tom