Free Small Business Tips:
It Takes Time To Develop Customer Confidence In Your Small Business

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

When I first wrote my book, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome was being unknown.

I created a brochure to help explain the purpose and the contents of the book and as I collected news stories about me, I began to place them in the brochure.

As I appeared in more and more publications my credibility began to grow and book sales increased.

Last month I felt I was at a point that I could submit the book to Amazon.Com. I did and they accepted it.

The point is that they probably would have thought twice about it without some newspaper reviews and testimonials.

Ask your customers if you can use their comments in your brochures and advertising. Over time a track record of successes will emerge that any new competitor will find tough to overcome.


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