How To Manage Your Business:
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by Tom Egelhoff

The following are full length articles that deal with managing your small business. This will be a constantly growing section as more articles are added.

How to Sell Anything to Anybody Face-to-Face

How To Do A S.W.O.T. Analysis

How To Keep Good Employees In Your Small Business

How To Plan Your Advertising Strategy

What To Do If Your Competition Is Lying About You

How To Get National Exposure For Your Business

What You Should Know Before You Place A Newspaper Ad

Customer Service: Customer Phrases To Watch For

Small Business Failure: (Three Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail & How To Avoid Them)

How Pricing Affects Your Business

Downturns: What To Do During Tough Economic Times

Financial Statements: How To Read And Profit From Them

How To Lead & Motivate: Yourself and Your Employees

How To Make Your Business Stronger

How To Grow Your Small Or Home-Based Business To The Break-Even Level

How To Read Your Business Condition

How To Prevent Business Failure

How To Find New Business Ideas

How To Plan & Manage Your Cash Flow

How To Double Your Profits The Easy Way

How To Know When To Expand Your Business

Product Price: How To Show The Customer What You're Worth

How To Make Your Business Unique (You Don't Have A choice)

How To Do Market Research In A Small Town

How To Get Employee Participation In Your Marketing Plan

How To Create A Promotion For Your Business Or Service

Small Town Management Success Principles

Management: How To Mange Your Time

The Best Small Town Business Promotions

How To Sell Your Products & Services In A Small Town

How To Find What Your Customers Are Really Looking For

Here's Why You're Losing Customers

How To Promote Your Business By Word-Of-Mouth

Basic Business Start-Up Principles

How To Use Internal Controls To Build Your Business

How Marketing Creates Value

How To Manage Your Small Town Business

How To Do 10-30% Better This Year Than Last Year

How Small Town Business Finances Work


The following are Tips of the Week or Month about business management and are short thoughts to encourage you to consider obtaining more information about the subject discussed.

What's Your Competitors Advertising Budget?

Exchange Customer Mailing Lists With Non-Competing Businesses

Keep Yourself Out Of Legal Hot Water

Buyers Remorse: What Is It And What To Do About It

Ask Bankers For Money When You Don't Need It

Get Closer To Your Customers, Listen and Earn

How Complaints Build Business

Make It Easy For Your Customer To Buy From You

Personal Service: Work That Pays Off

There Are Some Jobs Only The Boss Can Do

It Takes Time To Develop Customer Confidence

No One Can Please Everyone, So, Just Please 97%

Ask Customers For An Evaluation

Make Sure Customers Can Identify Employees

How To Know If You Can Sell Your Product By Direct Mail

Tragedies Bring Out The Best In Us

Turn Your Business Card Into A Business Building Coupon

Stay Within Your Ad Budget

How To Protect Yourself When Buying Big Ticket Items For Your Business

Don't Make Employees Alter Their Lives For You

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