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Do you need marketing, advertising or promotional consulting help or advice with your small business? I can't remember a time in my small business that I didn't need help from someone.

And after 30 years of working with small businesses it's time to pass on the advice and knowledge I've learned along my path to success.

But before you contact me and add me to your budget I think you should make sure that you've exhausted all the free advice that's available to you.

Go To or - Both are pre-paid with your tax dollars.

So, if you are still at the end of your rope then continue on.

Small Town Marketing And Advertising Consulting By Phone

I do phone consulting Monday though Thursday by appointment. The rate is $2.00 US per minute ($120.00/Hour) Weekly and Monthly rates are available... ask me. Here's how it works

  • Email me with your problem, concern or challenge.

  • I will review your questions and decide if I have the expertise to assist you.

  • I will email you back telling you the specific areas where I can be of help and some suggested times that I have available, or that I am not able to help you and perhaps suggest someone who can.

  • You would then call me at the arranged time and we address your problems.

  • If, at the end of the call, you honestly feel I have not helped you... the session is free. I don't want your money if I can't be of help.

  • If however, at the end of the call, you honestly feel I have helped you... then I bill your credit card or your PayPal account for our time.

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Small Business Marketing And Advertising Consulting By Email

Email consulting works best for projects that need to be completed over time. For example, business plan review or creation, advertising plans, promotions, sales training etc.

These types of projects are usually billed at a flat rate depending on the estimated amount of time involved. Here's how it works:

  • Email me with your project idea.

  • I will review your project and tell you how I propose to complete it, a time table for it's completion and a written price estimate.

  • If you accept my offer then fifty-percent payment will be due as a retainer at the beginning of the project by credit card or your PayPal account payment. (Depending on the amount of time the project requires, these could be paid in monthly installments).

  • When the work is completed to your satisfaction the balance will be billed and the project is completed.

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On-Site Small Business Marketing And Advertising Consulting

I would be happy to travel to your place of business for personal on-site consulting. This is usually for sales training, new location openings, employee training, customer service training, business building, expansion, advertising campaigns, etc.

In addition to the consulting fee there are also travel, lodging and meal expenses for the entire time of the project.

I might suggest that either phone or email might be a more economical option at the beginning. But for certain tasks being on site often can be more efficient and economical in the long run.

Please call or Email for a quote.

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Small Business Consulting Contact Information

Tom Egelhoff - Small Town Marketing
Phone: 406-585-0219
Mail: P.O. Box 271- Bozeman, MT 59771-0271

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