How To Market Your Small Business
With Your Brochure

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

Chances are you will spend more time agonizing over your small business brochure than any other piece of marketing material.

You'll constantly refine and revise it over the life of your business.

Then you use it incorrectly.

I think you will see my point more clearly if you imagine your brochure as a description of your company or your products or both.

Suppose you brought a customer to your business for a tour. Wouldn't you meet him/her and shake their hand?

Welcome them warmly? Tell them how happy you are about their interest in your products or services?

Of course you would.

So, what does this have to do with your brochures? Just this.

You send your brochure out without the handshake, warm greeting or acknowledging their appreciation for your business.

I know you can't go with every brochure in person but you can go by personal letter.

Enclose a personal note with your brochure, on your company letterhead, introducing yourself and your company and expressing your appreciation for their interest in your business.

Include instructions on contacting you or give them the name of their sales rep for future information. Send out a lot of brochures?

Every word processing program has mail merge capabilities. Have someone learn to use them.

Business contacts are emotional not logical. We buy from people we feel comfortable with who are approachable. Try it... you'll like it.

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