Small Business Marketing, Advertising & Promotional Articles

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

Tom's Monthly Columns to newspapers, magazines and web sites.

How To Make The Most Of A Short Christmas Season

Market Research: It Can Make Or Break Your Business

How To Market Your Expertise Along With Your Products

How To Set Up A Monthly Advertising Track Record

Building Your Business: Advertising Vs. PR

How To Be Your Own Sales Manager

Sales Success: It's Not As Tough As You Think

How To Prepare For The Prepared Customer

Extended Service: The Profit Center You May Be Missing - Part1 of 3

Extended Service: Selling Extended Service - Part 2 of 3

Extended Service: Selling Extended Service - Part 3 of 3

How Good Customer Service Can Actually Hurt Your Business

Toms Monthly Columns in The Billings Business News

How To Do A S.W.O.T. Analysis

How to Market The Price of Your Products And Services

How to Keep Good Employees In Your Small Business

Getting Ready For Business in The New Year

How To Build Your Business By Reviewing The Previous Year

How to Plan A Profitable Small Town Christmas

How to Plan A Profitable Small Town Christmas (Part II)

How Smart Marketing Builds Business

Is Small Business Success Possible in Montana?

How To Target The First Time Customer

All The Customers You Need Are In The Newspaper

Business Building Resolutions

How To Do 10-30% Better This Year Than Last Year

How To Turn Offers Into Sales

Getting Your Small Business Ready For Christmas

Your Unseen Sales Force

Five Reasons To Advertise All The Time

How To Get Your Price

Bottom Line Killers And How To Beat Them

Six Ways To Build Customer Trust And Confidence

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