Keeping Your Small Business Name In Front Of Customers

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

When we think of advertising, we usually think of radio, tv, newspapers or magazines.

We often forget the everyday tasks our customers perform where we can keep our name in front of them.

One great way is note pads. Passing these out to customers is a great way to keep your name out front. They don't have to be expensive. You can do them yourself.

Take an 8.5x11 piece of paper and draw a line from the top to the bottom down the center of the page. Do the same left and right. You'll have 4 sections that measure 4.25 x 5.5.

Type your company name, phone number, fax number, email and contact in each of the four sections.

Take it to a copy shop or even better, a friend with a copy machine, and make a thousand copies.

Cut the pages into quarters (4.25 x 5.5 as above) and have them made into pads. 1000 copies = 4000 quarters= glued into pads of 25 pages per pad=160 pads.

Pretty inexpensive way to promote yourself.

I would arrive a little early for any board meetings I had and put a notepad at every seat.

People were very appreciative of the thoughtful gift. In fact, some people started referring to me as "the pad guy."

They also remembered to call me when they were making notes about a new project on my notepads.

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