How To Insure Your Small Business Idea

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

I'm sure you are all familiar with copyright, patents and trademarks. All protect your ideas in various ways.

Even with this protection the burden of proof lays squarely on your shoulders.

The Intellectual Property Law Association (there is an association for everything) reports that the average cost of enforcing a patent is more than $400,000.

In the last few years many inventors and home business developers have turned to "patent abatement insurance."

Also called, Infringement Enforcement Insurance, this coverage is available for intellectual property (patents, trademarks and/or copyrights).

The policies cover litigation expenses incurred in enforcing the intellectual property against infringers up to the policy limit.

For policy rates, check with your local insurance carrier or click the links above for more information.

(This tip is for information only. Small Town Marketing has no affiliation with any insurance carrier or company. We do not endorse or recommend any carrier or company for this protection. We further strongly recommend that you contact your attorney to assist and advise you in the selection of a reputable company.)

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