A Small Business Tip:
It Takes So Little To Give A Little Extra

by Tom Egelhoff

We have three dogs in our family. Their primary job often seems to be making a mess out of the carpets. As a result my wife and I went shopping for a carpet cleaning machine to supplement the twice yearly professional cleaning we have done.

We went to three different stores and for the most part received the same level of customer service. We asked if they had carpet cleaning machines and where they were. Each person we talked to either pointed or told us where they were. Not one offered to take us over to them and answer any questions.

I realize that this is the holiday season in many countries and we tend to get busy. But, please don't forget the people who keep you in business. The customer. Make sure each customer gets your maximum service each and every time. We were ready to be sold but we were not ready to buy.

Instead of coming home with a new appliance we are still evaluating the situation and gathering more information.

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