A Small Business Tip:
How to Build Your Business
With Gift Certificates

by Tom Egelhoff

At one time or another we've all purchased gift certificates for someone. Although they don't have the mystique of hours of shopping for the right gift, they are convenient and are almost certainly a guaranteed sale for your store.

However, one of the questions I always ask in my seminars and workshops is... "What do you give the person who buys the gift certificate?"

The most common answer?... "The Gift Certificate."

Imagine that someone thinks enough of your store to actually recommend you to a friend who may become a life long customer. And they receive nothing for doing that for your business? I suggest you turn gift certificates into a "double sale."

How to make a double sale from a gift certificate? Give the person buying the gift certificate a discount on their next visit. Perhaps they and the recipient will return to the store and shop together.

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