How To Find Your Competitors Customers

by Tom Egelhoff

If you're a smart business person, you know the value of your customer list. These are the people who do business with you and are your loyal customers. The same is true of your competitor. They also have a loyal customer base. So, who are their customers? How can you find out who they are?
One method you can try has two benefits. Buy a mailing list for your area based on your customer profile.

For example, you own a golf shop and you buy a mailing list of golfers in your area. Go through the list and eliminate your customers. The remaining customers on the list buy from your competitor or some other source. That's the first benefit.

The second benefit is that you have a list of new contacts. Start trying to attract them to your business with a direct mail promotion. See: "Low Cost Small Town Promotion."

Also see: "Direct Mail: Why It Works And How To Use It" and "Direct Mail: Formula For Success."

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