No One Can Please Everyone,
So, Just Please 97% Of Your Small Business Customers

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

When I began my sales career, many years ago, I was convinced that I would never have an unsatisfied customer.

No matter what it took I was going to make sure each and every person I dealt with would be completely satisfied in every way.

What I didn't count on was the small segment of society that had the exact opposite viewpoint.

Under no circumstances would they be satisfied. No amount of personal service was enough, no level of quality high enough, and each delivery resulted in a return for the smallest possible defect.

They were as determined not be be satisfied as I was to satisfy them.

Fortunately this is a small minority of the business contacts you will encounter.

Most experts agree that about 3% of the population is never going to be happy no matter what the level of service or product quality.

Accept these people when you meet them and kindly let them know that they might be happier dealing with another firm.

Concentrate your efforts on the 97% who are constantly looking for good service, fair pricing and quality products.

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