How To Help Your Community And Your Small Business At The Same Time

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

One of the great thing about a web site like this is hearing the great success stories from you visitors.

The following tip is from Patrice Andreu who recently started an auto detailing business in her small town in Carroll County Maryland.

Dear Tom,

Business is doing very well, Thursday 9th, I have a meeting with the President of the Chamber of Commerce to organize a raffle to help the Senior Citizens of the County.

I am offering a free detailing to the winner, when they enter their business cards with a contribution, on the back of the card, they have to write the description of the vehicle: year, make & model.

It can be a car, motorcycle, small boat, small airplane or work truck. This will benefit the Seniors and give me some good targets.

I hope it will help your readers.
Thank you for the inspirations,

Best Regards,

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