It's OK To Bother Customers
If You Do It Right

by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff Many small business owners have told me that their customers don't wish to be "pounced on" by sales people the moment they enter the store.

Many customers need a few minutes to get comfortable with the layout of your business.

One of the techniques we used at Circuit City® was to greet the customer and give them a copy of the "low price guarantee."

Just a slip of paper that explained the store guarantee policy. Then leave them alone. Customers also don't like to be ignored.

Another way is to take a page from the restaurant industry.

When the wait person comes to your table they will relate todays specials for you and give you a few minutes to look over the menu.

You can do the same in your place of business.

Greet the customer and tell them about the store specials for that day.

Give them some time by themselves to look and then follow-up to answer any questions.

Customers don't mind being approached as long as valuable information is being given to them that will enhance their shopping experience.

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