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by Tom Egelhoff

Author Tom Egelhoff

One of the advertising points I stress on this site is the "call to action" an ad should contain. When customers see your ad what do you want them to do?

Call you up? Come down to your business? Return a coupon?

Or, would you rather they put your ad aside and call you in a few days?

If they wait, will they remember you? The longer they wait the less chance they will remember you.

If you run a "call to action" ad, make sure you schedule the ad to run on days when your business is open, not closed.

There is nothing worse than having a customer ready to contact you and they have to wait until the next day you're open.

For more on how to help customers find you when you're closed, See: "Visitor Tips" - Don't forget to put your email/website here.

For more on ads, see: "What Makes A Great Ad?"

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